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Response & Crisis Management

Wealth Management

LEGAL & Investigation

Medical & Concierge support

Bruno Schoch

Dr. Ricco Koslowski

Bruno Schoch, Founder and CEO of Apokas International Dubai. Prior to this, Bruno Schoch headed the international food company Bel Group with sales of more than 3.5 billion euros. At the same time, he was also responsible for the family office in the holding company, with assets under management of over 4 billion euros. He is a member of the supervisory boards of several listed and private companies in France and Germany. As a French chartered accountant, he specialises in finance, asset management, investments and M&A.

Dr. Ricco Koslowski, 2013 Founder and CEO of Apokas International in Zurich, Dubai. He specialises in international crisis management and business intelligence. Previously, he worked for the Control Risks Group in London and Berlin, among others. Dr Koslowski is a highly specialised, internationally recognised lawyer. He holds a PhD in Criminal Law and was an officer in the German Army, responsible for special operations.

Response & Crisis Management

Response & Crisis Management Overview

  • Threat analysis
  • Professional personal protection worldwide
  • Provision of travel information
  • Organisation of emergency transport – also from crisis areas
  • Tactical military training for civilians
  • Assistance with kidnapping/extortion and establishing insurance contacts
  • Development of evacuation plans
  • Training of employees and security personnel
  • Crisis PR

Wealth Management

Wealth Management Overview

  • International asset protection
  • Trustee and fiduciary function in crisis situations
  • Representation of interests and assumption of management and supervisory board mandates
  • Selection and coordination of advisors and experts in wealth management
  • Diagnosis and investment orientation of family assets
  • Neutral valuation and appraisal assignments
  • Support and training of subsequent generations for integration into the family structure
  • Support in implementing wills and transferring assets to successive generations
  • Networking with other wealthy international family businesses

Legal & Investigation

Legal & Investigation Overview

  • Assistance with fraud, embezzlement, misappropriation
  • Undercover background checks of employees and partners
  • Provision of information (from non-public sources)
  • Provision of evidence in legal disputes
  • Worldwide tracing of asset and money flows
  • Investigation and prevention of information leaks
  • Comprehensive background checks (including financial background, criminal record, whereabouts)
  • Advice on hostile takeovers or defence against them (M&A)
  • Eavesdropping defence and defence against sabotage
  • Assembling teams of lawyers
  • Conducting negotiations and damage limitation
  • Debt collection

Medical & Concierge Support

Medical & Concierge Support Overview

  • Patient repatriations
  • Evacuations from crisis areas
  • Worldwide concierge service
  • Private jets, private yachts, chauffeur services
  • Bodyguard services
  • VIP access to exclusive events


We work discreetly, reliably and quickly in the background. Our focus is on your personal and financial security and that of your family.

To enjoy life without worries, you need protection. We also take care of any company matters. We are the right global contact for this.

As an independent consulting firm, we are in a position to consider only your concerns. Our ultimate goal is the satisfaction of our clients, so that you can lead a carefree life in a peaceful environment. For over 10 years, Apokas International has been successfully serving clients worldwide at the highest level.

The name “Apokas” is borrowed from the ancient Greek term “Apokatastasis”. It implies “Living in Wealth Balance” – you should be able to enjoy all facets of your life in personal and financial security without any worries.