Legal & Investigation


Clients contact us when they want independent information provided. We work to the highest ethical standards in our investigations.

Thanks to our international experience, language skills and first-hand information on local circumstances, we are also able to conduct investigations in difficult situations.


We will help you to find the specialised law firm for your problem. We do not see ourselves as competition to law firms, but as a complement and added value. Our task is to put together a powerful and proven team for your particular problem. Here, too, we can draw on a long-standing international network of lawyers.

Dr Koslowski has been a registered lawyer for 25 years and has gained experience worldwide. Here too, speed and professionalism are crucial. Most mistakes are made at the beginning by choosing the wrong legal team. We can also protect you from this. By choosing the right law firm, we put you on the winning side right from the start. The wrong choice of legal representation would be a waste of time and money. Our aim in every respect is to achieve the best possible result for our clients.

Legal & Investigation in detail

  • Assistance with fraud, embezzlement, misappropriation
  • Undercover background checks of employees and partners
  • Providing of information of any kind
  • Provision of evidence in legal disputes
  • Worldwide tracing of asset and money flows
  • Investigation and prevention of information leaks
  • Comprehensive background checks (including financial backgrounds, criminal records, whereabouts)
  • Advice on hostile takeovers or defence against them
  • Eavesdropping defence and defence against sabotage
  • Assembling teams of lawyers
  • Conducting negotiations and damage limitation
  • Debt collection