Medical & Concierge Support


In the event of a medical emergency or a necessary evacuation (including from crisis areas), Apokas can organise patient repatriation. This also means that we can take you – no matter where in the world – with a team to the nearest safe, nearby hospital. The return transport is then organised from there. Our utmost priority is to ensure the safe and healthy reunion of individuals with their families.

All necessary resources are activated and no compromises are made. We also offer psychological aftercare for clients and their families in specially segregated rehabilitation centres of the highest luxury standard in Zurich and London. This guarantees highly competent individual care with doctors and psychologists. Our long-standing partner is the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland.


Comprehensive care also includes a worldwide concierge service. Whatever your needs, Apokas International will provide you with the appropriate access.

This includes hassle-free and carefree travelling, hotel bookings, private jets, private yachts, chauffeur services, bodyguard services, and VIP access to all kinds of exclusive events.

Medical & Concierge Support In detail

  • Patient repatriation
  • Evacuations from crisis areas
  • Worldwide concierge service
  • Private jets, private yachts, chauffeur services
  • Bodyguard services
  • VIP access to exclusive events